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Is it my imagination, or do things just suck?

I got the Siddur today. I haven't decided if I'm going to keep it or send it back. I'll discuss it with hoppie.

These are the things it doesn't have:
1) It doesn't retool the personal prayers into the proper tense for you. AND unlike my learning Siddur, it doesn't even call out where changes would be appropriate. Women's Siddur, my shiny mental tush.

2) It doesn't cite the origins for most of the Tekhinot that it uses or provide any background or context for them. It includes some origins (for the bride Tekhinoit, for example, it cites "Chupas Chasanim" which I guess if I were edgimicated I might have heard of, which would be great if I were, but apparently, meh, not so much.), customs and laws around them, such as "If you're praying for a boy or girl in pregnancy, you can only do so within the first 40 days of pregnancy."

3) All of the Tekinot have defined occasions. There's no, "prayer 'cause I feel like G-d doesn't care about me, and my life is crap" for example, even though I'm sure there are many versions of that particular thought, And the only occasion for which more than one is included is marriage which has 3 + 1 immediately prior to Chupah. There are a number of pregnancy ones, which you'd expect but, they're divided into phases (pregnant, nine months pregnant, in labour, REALLY in labor, verses for an easy birth (seems to me you might have needed those earlier!), prayer of thanksgiving post childbirth, leaving the birthing bed) and there's one per phase. Maybe I'll offer to book to Robin. She might get some use of out it, and the verses for children's success (2: one general and one more religious). There's a letter from the RAMBAM to his son. I'm not making light of the content of the letter, which is advice on avoiding anger and pride and striving for humility (I almost typed humiliation...not quite what I meant), but it's a women's book. They couldn't find a letter to someone's daughter that brought out the same fine qualities. Maybe it's me, maybe it's today, which has turned out to be pretty annoying all around, but I'm turned off by a letter that's in a book that's supposed to speak to the uniqueness of women that begins "Listen, my son..."

So far the only differences I've noticed are that the blessings and instructions of Tallit and Tefilin are missing, and as smart as they think I am about guessing who their spiritual source material comes from is as stupid as they think I am about prayer in general. The laws sections and the introductory materials assume I'm a beginner, which would actually be fine with me, if they treated me as a beginner all the way through and provided more background information.

I'm very unhappy.
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