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State of the shelf address

A few words on the subject of the state of my bookselves. (Note: some of this is recap.)

As some of you know, when we moved into the house *cough* years ago, we had only four bookshelves, 2 full size, 2 half, worth salvaging from our old place. They were set up in the great room. One was near to a chair so you could read out and read, it contains mostly comic books (by which I mean collections of comic strips, more than proper comic books) or show books. In the back of the great room are the other three shelves. On the near side, by the kitchen, a full sized and a half sized shelf with nothing but cook books, and on the far side, a full size filled with games. So that's our initial starting point.

Things that we've added in the past some years since are the two shelves on the left of my office. Both were at one point completely full, one general books in various genres, although I've not been as meticulously organized as I've been in the past since most of my books were in boxes or out of boxes on the floor, and the other with mostly romance and non-fiction (don't ask how those two got together, talk about your unlikely marriages!).

Along the way, shopping with hr_macgirl, I came across shelving I really liked. I purchased a half-size shelf and set it up in the kitchen for holding mail, additional cooking books and the phone and answering machine. Then I convinced hoppie this was our solution for additional shelving because they're easily installed. We picked up a stash of them on sale, and I got hoppie's assurance than when I ran out, we'd go back for more.

So, armed with new shelves, I resumed my shelving project by establishing a final bookcase in my office. (I'm not sure it's the final bookcase, but I know that the space next to it, where there is the tower of boxes, is for the file cabinet, and maybe, after that's done, there might be space for another bookshelf, but wer're not there yet.) It currently has three completely filled shelves and the other three, partially filled. It's difficult to fill because it involves stepping around, over and through equipment which isn't easy to do with handfulls or boxes of books. I need to clear the boxes to make a good path into and out of that corner.

In the library room, I've recently erected three full sized bookcases. All three of them are filled except for the top shelves which I reserve for oversize books. One of the top shelves is completely full, but it includes a router. The other one is half full with oversized religious texts, and the third is half full with oversized other.

The library room still looks completely full of boxes and books. I need to remember to take the empty boxes and do something with them, like haul them up to the attic or down to the basement with the other boxes. It won't help much, but it might help a little. There's a small open space in front of the bookcases. Sunday morning, before Liz's I'm going to try to get another shelf set up. This will exhaust my shelf stock and send me to the store for more.
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