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Ugh, bank hold hell.

Two of the charges made it through and I'm trying to get them removed.
Called the consumer protection division and they sent me to the claims department. Who told me they had my account history up, but didn't have a record of the card being cancelled for fraud use. She's like "We can investigate this..." I'm like, "You already have." Then they transferred me to electronic claims. But they seem to be on the ball, so maybe this is it, then.
Clearly, I posted too soon. Now I'm on hold while she gets a consumer fraud specialist to verify the reversal with us. Presumably, at least, that means she intends to stay with me, so at least I'm not being totally transfered to someone else. This is pretty bouncy hold music, for elevator music.

I think I'll take this opportunity to queue up The Writer's Radio.

I have to fill out an affidafit certifying that these charges were not made by me and it may be used to used to prosecute the thief/thieves etc. They will monitor the account for the next 10 days and if any other pending fradulent charges post, they will automatically added to the claim.
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