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I know I've been going overboard on the posting

But I had two of the strangest dreams last night, I mostly remember the first.

I was in a store looking at religious paraphernalia. And I didn't actually need or want anything, but as I was going down the list of bread covers, I saw one that was interesting, and I thought, "well I could buy one." and I went back and looked at some of the others. Then a woman asked someone in the store if she could see the house across the street that was for sale. The woman being asked thought about it and then decided that house was unoccupied at the moment, so okay, sure. I tagged along, figuring that if the house was for sale, she wouldn't say no to a second potential buyer. The location was incredible and so was the house from the outside, and hoppie is always on the lookout for a good house buy. (He doesn't have the money for another house right now, but he still does like to look.) So we go in. It's a Victorian on the outside. The door opens and there's a hallway leading straight back, to the left is a room where we go in to talk. To the immediate right is a straight staircase going up. Just beyond that is an open room, no doors with the opening facing the front door, and the room itself paralleling the stairs. It is full of men engaged in a loud and animated discussion around a long table. The room itself is mahogany wood paneled. The table is somewhat lunchroom table like. A number of them stare at us as we come in. I know the look. It's a "eek! women! what are they doing here?! How can that be allowed!" type look. I feel uncomfortable for intruding. Beyond that is another room that mirrors the room we actually go into. She tells us that she's surprised the loud, animated conferring men are here. She didn't realize there would be people, but it shouldn't be too bad. We just won't go into that room. We go out the back of the living room. (It's furnished in floral, chintz style. Same wood paneling. Nice, but unimpressive. Not nearly as memorable as the cheap table in the mahogany room.) Out the back and up the loose spiral staircase, we enter a sitting room over the living room. It's styled in white and cream with comfy cream leather chairs. She is telling us about the second kitchen on this floor. The house is designed for a multi-generational family and many of the suites are self contained, although not separate. We then walk past a mini kitchen with a stove and refrigerator on a central island with a flat counter top and cabinets on the opposite sites. (I don't know if I'm describing this well. It's an island in the middle of the room. It has four sides. The side facing us (and the front of the house) as we walk in is the refrigerator. As I walk around it on the left side, I notice cabinets and then on the opposite side as the refrigerator, a stove. The other side, I think also had cabinets, though I don't specifically remember them.) On the wall opposite the stove, there's a fireplace. The decor suggests a female occupant. We leave that room, and the party which is more than just the three of us now, splits up. I follow most of the people and head upstairs, but the two people I came in with continue to explore the floor. When I reach the top floor with the crowd, Joe is there meeting with a group of coworkers. I don't remember what he's trying to do, but he's been allowed to use the house as an office until it is sold. There's a pool table, and many, many people. I remember Marc being there, but I don't know who else was. After he talks, I go up and speak to him which is how I found out he's using the house for his office. Then I drift off to a disconnected piece of the house, like a crypt almost. I go downstairs and it's cold and I don't remember much about it. When I come outside though, there's this guy, and we talk a little bit, and he asks for my phone number. He has a palm too, and since it's easier, we try to beam each other our business cards, only mine won't work, for sending or receiving, so he starts to write his name and information down on a piece of paper. I try to do the same, but I keep screwing it up. Then I do get my palm to work. I receive his information. Then I think I woke up.

I don't remember nearly as much as this one, especially after reliving the other one. I remember walking out on Comm Ave. I went to the Young Israel and ran into that guy again. I think his name is Philip and again, we hit off really well. I remember wondering how I could rearrange my life to keep running into him.
If I'm right in my dream interpretation, I know how to rearrange my life to keep running into him.
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