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On atheism

So last night I said to my husband, completely serious, "Atheism must be a great comfort to people. The idea of being in control of one's destiny. That there's no agency deliberately, methodically plotting out the course of events."
And, bless his heart, he said with equal seriousness, after only a moment's pause, "Some people find comfort in believing there is an order and a design and a purpose to all events."

And of course, that is the point of a belief system, any belief system, even atheism, to provide a measure of comfort and make sense and order of a universe that seems devoid of both, even if your way of "making it make sense" is to declare that it is incapable of making sense.

So I don't know. Is it better to believe there's a purpose and a design for everything, including all the bad things, or better to believe that it's all chance and therefore can't be attributed to malice, indifference, or relegated to the land of "you're too stupid to understand grand design?"
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