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Deep Woods Off

Nothing profound here, but I figured I should throw something up.
I haven't seen the usual amount of tributes this year, and I figure that's okay. Memorial Day is about individuals and should be celebrated in an individualistic sort of way. I have seen many, many flags. I like flags.

Hoppie and I went out galivanting yesterday. We drove one of the Rt 3As end-to-end Quincy to the rotaries onto the cape, and with a slight detour through Hull. It was good. We saw the perfect chairs for the library. They were not in a furniture store, which is a problem, but it's a pretty classic style, so maybe we can find what we want when we're ready for that move.

I've been thinking that once the middle of the room has been cleared out, we'll move Rocker's rug into there and get chairs like that. And possibly move Rocker's lamps which are well suited to library use. Right now they're in the dining room, which is dining room in name only as we have no proper dining room table.
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