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June 6th, 2007

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09:54 am - Pop culture
I have this to say about that.
Pirates of the Caribbean was awful. (spoilers behind the cut)

After everything people said about how great it was, I found it a huge disappointment. It was rambling and incoherent. Rocker and Hoppie both liked it. I thought the on-screen/off-screen balance was off. (For instance, I would have been more interested in how Jonathan Pryce died than I was in how Beckett's lackey died at the hands of Davy Jones.

And speaking of Jones, how come he was able to kill the lackey at all and yet not able to be free of Beckett? Was that because the heart was in Sparrow's control? Why didn't he immediately start hunting for it, then?

And seriously, was that all Calypso could do? All this, "I'll kill them all." crap talk and all she does is create a whirlpool and thunderstorm? Are you kidding me? Davy Jones was barely even troubled by it all.

And you're an ARMADA. You have the pirates vastly numbered and outgunned even without The Flying Dutchman, so logically, when your psychotic boss is dead, you turn tail and run, rather than kill the pirates and collect the rewards of innumerable ports and the potential of reclaiming pirate treasure. Yeah, that makes sense.

Keith Richards as Jack Sparrow's dad. Brilliant.
There were individual moments that were good, and interesting lines that would play well were it farce, rather than comedy, but as a whole, not too impressive.

And Numb3rs season finale (spoilers behind the cut)

Of course they would throw my favourite character under the bus. AND bring back my least favourite character. Ugh. And if you must make my favorite hero into a villain, at least give him some plausible explanations for his actions. You give every character, even the most shallow, motivation, but none for one of the staple actors? Please.

And um, hello, what sort of interrogation is this?
Don: You know we're gonna get it out of you eventually?
Colby: Oh yeah. I've seen every interrogation move you have, and I know it always goes better when the guy confesses, so why don't I just tell you everything to save time. Oh, except what's my motivation for working for the Chinese? How did they get to me? What information did I give them, 'cause uh, the Chinese probably don't actually care what the FBI is up to?...

If it were me, David would have to beat the crap out of me (not that he wouldn't) and I still wouldn't say anything. Because there's no proof at all. There's absolutely nothing to link Colby to spying except an answering machine message with his name on it.

Oh sure, you can make the case that his buddy dragged him in, but again, what's Colby's motivation. His friend was blackmailed in and then stayed in for the money.

Also, why would Colby remove the bug? There's a stupid move. It's Chinese equipment, how would they ever trace it back to him. Oh they could have ordered him to remove it, but when would they have had time?

And ugh, the angst from Megan, and her freaking voice. Ugh, I so much wanted her to be the traitor, even when it was obvious they were setting Colby up to take the hit. I know getting rid of Megan doesn't bring Sabrina Lloyd back, but, ugh, kill it with fire. What a dreadful character.

Current Mood: venting

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[User Picture]
Date:June 6th, 2007 03:14 pm (UTC)

will not see Pirates

I listen to movie reviews on the BBC. Mark Kermode (BBC reviewer) couldn't stand Pirates 3. 168 minutes!! Gandhi was longer than that, but Gandhi was well acted (more than I can say for "Orlando Bland"), and had a plot.

Kermode's review (audio).
[User Picture]
Date:June 6th, 2007 04:07 pm (UTC)
"After everything people said about how great it was"

Really? -EVERYTHING- I heard about it was horrible..

The best review by far - Ask A Ninja

[User Picture]
Date:June 6th, 2007 05:00 pm (UTC)
I feel better knowing that other people thought it sucked too. I know I shouldn't need validation, but the guys were really riding me for thinking it was awful and demanding I justify my position. So I asked them why they liked it, and they couldn't tell me. So go figure.

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