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I have a long post here that through a judicious combination of inactivity combined with several reboots, I've managed to lose.

I did have some comments on Shrek III which I lost. *sob*, but I'll recreate some of them.
Ensemble cast scenes were great. One-on-one scenes with one-to-two people, not as good, unless they were Prince Charming. He was quite the little scene stealer.

The Gingerbread man was annoying. The last scene he was that allowed him to sparkle was "Muffin Man" from the first movie.

I want a plush Dronkey! I want one so badly, I even dreamt about shopping for one last night. (that was not in yesterday's post write-up, cause it just happened last night.)

I liked the princesses and the whole girly hen party stuff. I was not expecting what happened with Rapunzel.

On Sunday I did not work on cleaning my car.
I did, however, set up one of the newly purchased bookshelves, and half load it. I also scanned in pictures from an IRC dinner in the Bay Area in 1993 including Rogue_f, Taner, Techie, Piker, and people I don't recognize anymore. I want to post them, but I won't because I promised Piker I wouldn't upload the pictures of him. I could post the other pictures. I will warn, in advance, before I upgraded to a digital camera, I had a Kodak disc camera (read icky, but easy) and I'm not a good photographer anyway. (Although I'm sure I couldn't have taken these with a disk, because the negatives are strip negatives, so I have no idea what camera I used.)
And a picture of me and two of my closest high school friends dressed up in custom as (gack) socks with holes and halos. (get it, HOLEly socks! Man, were we funny!)
And a baby announcement from when one of my friends had her second child, which was about 13 years ago.

Trip to the dentist's office today! Hurray for us! We're both fine, teeth all healthy and proper, which is not to say they didn't have a few pointers for us. This job has certainly relieved some of my night-grinding, jaw clenching daily stresses, though, and my teeth are greatful.

As we were leaving, wrote the check to pay for services, set up our next appointment, I looked at Judy and had a momentary wrestle with myself about whether I should tell her what was going on when I got her Thank you note. We were literally walking out, and I turned around and, you know, I'm not sure I should say this, but I want to, so I will.
And I told her about Nat and how the day I got her card was amid a deluge (I know, three isn't a deluge, it just feels like it!) of cards and I was feeling so down, so depressed, so utterly useless in the world, and I got her card and it meant the world to me to know that, in fact, I was doing something useful.
And she stood up, came out from behind the office desk and hugged me and we cried on each other and she told me how just that day she was feeling utterly rubbish and useless in the world, and knowing her card helped me made her feel better. She said, "I don't know how you always manage to catch me when I'm feeling worse and brighten my day..." (and now I'm paraphrasing) ...but you guys are so sweet. You always come in with a bright and cheerful attitude. You're just a wonderful couple. Really delightful."

And people wonder why I drive 45 minutes to get to the dentist's office. Still wondering?

And now I post before I lose this one!
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