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10:50 and all's well

I've finished setting up my new office.
The office is 11 minutes from the house (shaving off 4 minutes of drive time).
I've fixed my voicemail because I accidentally configured someone else's voicemail last week. Ooops.
(Don't worry, lizzielizzie, before I changed the password, I deleted your voicemail.
Boxes are unpacked. Computer is configured and chair is manhandled back into place. It had gotten broken slightly during the move.
The office has various table pieces. I left the two corners and removed the long table. Where the long table was, I put my file cabinet and bookcase. The wall where those is, opposite my chair and computer setup, is now blank, and I've hung my calendar on it, and placed the guest chair there so people can come into my office and talk to me.
My phone is currently on the other side of the fan, which will make conversation more challenging, but once the airco is fully engaged, I'm sure it will be fine without the fan.
I've located my developers, my QE engineers and Mike, and I'm told Ann is across from Mike, so as to be away from the kitchen.
Marsha is hanging about in my office, and a couple of others.

Edit: I discovered the mouse pad hanging off the end of the keyboard tray, so yea! I was using it on the desk and that wasn't comfortable at all.

I moved my file cabinet to the doorway so I could put the candy bowl on top of it. We're getting there.

Edit: At least they apologized for making me reconfigure my voicemail again, again.
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