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Back to Back

But if I take you home, we leave our names at the door, no questions asked, no stories told
This is all I want, I don’t need anymore
So if I take you home, we leave our names at the door, I don’t want your number, I won’t bother to call
You’re just another for another night
Close the lights I don’t want you to see me like this
I don’t want to be looking for someone else’s eyes
Take what you came with, I don’t want to remember
You’re just one of so many

I'll be your candle on the water,
My love for you will always burn,
I know you're lost and drifting,
But the clouds are lifting.
Don't give up, you have somewhere to turn.
I'll be your candle on the water
Till every wave is warm and bright.
My soul is there beside you,
Let the candle guide you.

Makes you wonder what next song will be.
Ah, there it is..."What have I done to Deserve This" by the Pet Shop Boys.
Sweet irony.

How am I gonna get through?
Tags: music, religion, thoughts
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