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five for Friday.

1. What candy from the books have you always wanted to try?
Canary Creams probably
2. What object would you turn into a horcrux, if the need arose?
I would never have the ability to create one, but probably my Palm or uncle's ring.
3. What ride would you like to see made at the new HP park that will be opening next year?
I'd like to be able to tour the Forbidden Forest. Not sure if it should be a ride or a walk-through.
4. What 3 characters would you be willing to be go on a roadtrip with?
Molly Weasley, Lilly Potter, and Ginny Weasley
5. You're given an invisibilty cloak for one week, what do you do with it?
Whatever I want, heh heh heh.
Actually, I have no use for invisibility. Inaudibility, maybe. My voice is so booming, but when I'm not talking, I already feel like I fade into the woodwork.
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