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betrayed with a kiss

My dream lied to me! In a dream I had I ran into an old classmate, Danny Diamond. And I asked him what he'd been up to and where he was living and he told me he was living in Louisville. But you can't have been, I replied, I'd have known if you were in Louisville. And he sorta shrugged as if to say that was my problem, not his. And I said, (I kid you not), well, this is just a dream, but after I wake up, I'll look you up and we'll talk.

In the next dream, I mentioned this to someone else, and they responded much as you'd expect, "Really? He's back in Louisville. I thought he moved away." Yeah! Me too!

And I did eventually wake all the way up.

And I did look him up, but there hundreds of Danny or Dan Diamonds around, some of whom are famous and, using a judicious combination of birth year, and birthplace, I've eliminated a few of them, but not nearly enough. And oh yeah, there is no Dan Diamond in Louisville. There are 3 in KY, including one in Lexington, so maybe...?

I've asked Robin to have Kevin put out a Jew-wide alert for him in the Kentuckiana area and see if anyone knows where he is these days.

I just got a text message on my phone an hour or so ago, and I just sorta looked at it and said, "What are you about? It's way too early for baseball, and the Red Sox are off today." Apparently I don't get enough text messages from actual people. That's not a request, just a comment. 8-)

And sekretly the lesbians are taking over (

In another dream, unrelated to the first, I was in love with a Jewish guy, but I wasn't Jewish. And his father, a traditional Rabbi came over with two of his assistances to check out my sister because I wanted her to meet his brother 'cause I just knew they'd love each other. The Rabbi scared her off, but I ran to my betrothed because I still loved him and wanted to be with him, no matter what his father might say. And he felt the same way about me. (All of remember of him is a burgundy button-down shirt and a black suede yarmuke). I climbed into his lap. Then I thought, why should he have to upset his family. I'll convert and that will fix everything. Then I couldn't get the shabbos oil candle to light. The guys told me I had to flatten out the wick by tearing the end. I ended up tearing a sheet of newspaper ads into four pieces and placing them in the oil bowl and then I woke up 'cause it was so darn frustrating. I still have no idea if this was a Jewish version of a snipe hunt, or the guys were trying to help me.
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