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Spineless jellyfish

So I was so busy trying to work on the book Friday, I didn't make it to the gym. They closed too early for me to make it today, so my streak ends. I hope this will remind me to be, as Professor Moody would say, Constantly Vigilant!
And speaking of spineless jellyfish,
Well, honestly, I couldn't just leave Arthur at his time of need! I mean he may be nearest rival for the lovely Molly, but he's still my friend!
I admit to giggling through Umbridge's observation of Hagrid. But here's my rhetorical question about the thestrals. Why does Harry see them now when he never did before? He hasn't been exposed to new death. Has Neville been seeing them all along? I didn't get that. If it's explained later, don't mention it, but if you have theories, please share.
I like the portrait connection. Does that mean that Sirius could communicate with Harry through his photo album? He is pictured in it. He could talk to a picture of himself and have that communicate with Harry. Conversely, if it's only dead people it works for, he could have James do it. He must have pictures of James around.
I'm glad we got to see Lockheart, although I'm surprised his memory hasn't come back before now.
I was hoping while we were in St. Mungo's that we'd get to see myself and my beautiful Alice, but I was vaguely hoping that Neville wouldn't have to face Harry etc. Of course I should have realized he would come to visit on Christmas. I'm glad that Frank's mom is so staunchly supportive of what Alice and Frank had to do. It was probably obvious from what she's told Neville and how she's supported Dumbledore without question, but it was heartening to see. Some people might have resented their sacrifice resulting in increased responsibility for them, but she handled it well.
Kreature is obviously up to something, probably involving the Lestranges, but that's so obvious it screams. It's more an observation than a comment.
I haven't decided if I'll skip the next two weeks to compensate/punish myself for my weakness. I probably will.
Or maybe not.
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