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I tried so hard to make you see, but I couldn't find the words

I set up the new digital picture frame I bought on Monday. And it's amazing. I am absolutely the envy of all. Even myself. I have this burning urge to show off the frame to everyone. It's just lovely. It takes a variety of memory cards, but has no on-board memory, which is fine. I've made two adjustments to the default settings. I've raised the viewing time from 3 seconds per picture to 5, and I've changed the viewing option from to "show picture as captured" instead of determine the best viewing mode, because I've found that it cuts off the tops of pictures.

The main problem with it? I find myself wanting to stare at it instead of doing my work.

There are lots of kid pics on it and because I can, they have all ages of the kids. Pictures from all the weddings we've been to. (Maya's, Cindy's, Zoe's, ours...) Just all sorta of stuff.

This is my current favorite hoppie picture. (
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