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Oh and the refi

And just to finish up the refinance discussion, hoppie finished the refi Wednesday. He lost his original rate and ended up nearly a point higher because he didn't move (all those many times I begged and pleaded etc.), but it's still two+ points lower than what it was. And I'm trying to not be bitchy about it. Really. He keeps pointing out that it isn't my money and I have nothing to bitch about, but you know how I am:
Him: "I love winning! I mean, I love winning. It's like, better than losing. You know?"
Me: "Your fastball's up. Your curveball's hanging. In the show, they would have ripped you."
Him: "Can't you just let me enjoy the moment?"
Me: "The moment's over."
Thank you Kevin, for summing it up so succinctly. Hoppie's practically breaking his arm patting himself on the back for something I would consider a failure and a dereliction on his part. And he expects me to sit back and, no, he expects me to applaud him because he completed it. Wow. He managed to make 5 phone calls in 4 months. What a stud. And he has absolutely no clue why I'm miffed. Although dereliction of duty reminds me that I'm supposed to make arrangements for our trip to Kentucky.
Just another in a long series of phone calls I make for us in a week.
I will not smash the phone.
Good thing hoppie doesn't read my live journal, although he sometimes reads Frank's.
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