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Wha? Huh?

That posted before I was ready, apparently. Not sure why.

Anyway, I never said why I liked it better.

So, as I was or wasn't saying, I think it's no secret (see past postings) that I really, really hated the book. It was sadistic and cruel and well beyond what I find acceptable for children's books, even for teenagers. Some of it was still there, but some of it wasn't or wasn't as overwhelming. Hoppie suggests that I might have liked it because I had such low expectations.

You might like to know, Neffie, that Rocker agrees with you. He thought the movie was awful because it wasn't memorable at all. "You seriously thought this movie was worse than Pirates III?" I asked him.
"Yes." he replied, "Because I really liked that scene in Davy Jones' locker. It's very memorable. This movie didn't have any memorable scenes."

I disliked that they cut the new divination teacher, because that really was an awesome plotline. (actually, I was thinking I might write some Umbridge/Firenze, just for the humour value.)

I'm glad they cut most of the conflict between Sirius and Kreature which really annoyed me in the book because it was so out of character.

I missed going to St. Mungos meeting the Longbottoms.

I agree that Dumbledore actor, the current, bites the wax tadpole, but I didn't like the first one either, so 6 of 1....

I loved the posted decrees.

And I liked the 3-D parts. I did miss the DA summoning tokens.

But overall I liked the lighter tone.

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