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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Ch 1-6

Well, it's been approximately 6 weeks since my poll about how best to read this last of the Potters saga and everyone agreed I should not be reading one chapter a week. So I thought, rather than annoy you with my decision, I'd not post chapter reviews on a weekly basis. But, on review, I actually like having them. So...

Chapter 1:
Ha! ha! Voldemort stole your wand. Which just proves out what I've said all along. It's never made good business sense for Lucius to align with Lord V. He gains nothing. Except for the death of the Muggle Studies teacher, I liked this chapter. I apparently like watching bad people suffer humiliation, even if it is at the hands of a worse person.

Chapter 2:
Good to see Rita's up to her old tricks. Hasn't learned a thing, has she. And you know her bio is going to be a best seller.

Chapter 3:
I like Dudley, so I'm glad they had a reconciliation of a type. I like to think this indicates that for once, Dudley will reappear. IfJKR is trying to make the point that every kindness eventually pays for itself down the line, we'll see Dudders again, and he'll be a better person.

Chapter 4:
That's the best idea they could come up with? This questions leaves more questions than answers. And why the blitz on Harry now? Why not last year at King's Cross? I understand they want to get him at his least protected, but, it seems like there are more unprotected times than this. Anyway, I'm sure we'll find out why Harry's wand automatically went self-directed after Lucius's wand.

Chapter 5.
Why did only the first two back have countersigns? The others were just accepted on blind faith. I'm sorry about Mad Eye. I like him rather a lot. Damages could have been higher, I guess. Lupin's being a bit of wanker isn't he? I think his mistrust is based on the idea that he was once suspected of being the spy. (As evidenced by the fact that Peter, Sirius, James, and Lily all knew about the change of secret keeper, and Lupin didn't). And he's snarking at Harry because Harry had the faith that James didn't. Anyway, it struck me as odd for him to say that James wouldn't have suspected his friends, when he obviously did suspect Lupin.

Chapter 6.
I love that all Hermione had to do is call for the Horcrux books. That's pretty nifty. Molly is a bit relentless, and obvious. I'm glad Sirius's bike showed up again. If Harry lives long enough, he should reclaim the pieces and try to rebuild it. Sirius loved that bike.
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