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It's been how long since my last post?

Why do I love my Sissy, you may ask? And well you might.
My family, self included, is a family that generally likes to present options. We like seeing things from all perspectives. We like, generally speaking, providing all the information we can and letting someone else make the final decisions. We're a lot like fog. We surround you in all directions, control what you see, and then ultimately, although we're pervasive, although we're providing valuable information, ultimately we can make you feel a little lost.

My Sissy is like a beacon. Strong, steady, illuminating, illustrating. When lost in the fog of too much information to process effectively, talking to my Sissy helps provide direction. "Go this way." "Don't go that way." Instead of equivocating nature of the fog, "Well, you could go that way, but there might be really sharp rocks," you get a strong sense of DANGER or ALL CLEAR. It's easy to underestimate how valuable that can feel when you're in the fog.

JD Drew just hit a 3 run homerun. Wow.

I don't understand Harry's obsession with determining whether Dumbledore was secretly a rotter. He's so easily led that way. Maybe if I hadn't experienced Anakin Skywalker's stupid conclusions in Ep 3, it wouldn't bother me so much, and I know he's not going to do an Ani (

I got distracted and I'll finish this another post.
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