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Round up

Jan, here we are in Diesel Sweeties (Newspaper edition)!

In which Remus tries to defect and Kreature returns with Dung. I'm glad Harry is finally figuring out that Hermione is right about house elves and reciprocation, although her methods are a bit quiffy at times. I love that Umbridge has the locket. I'm curious about their next move. Godric's Hollow? Umbridge? Locating Griffindor's sword and claiming it? Wonder who's teaching at Hogwarts. I imagine will get there to find out. Snape as headmaster? We know there's no more Muggle Studies. Defence Against the Dark Arts is probably done too. This brings up the questions as surround the Sith; how much do you teach your students? Teach them too much and they'll resist or try to overthrow you. Teach them too little and they're not useful for you.
It just occurred to me that Olivander has been missing for an entire book. Prisoner of Voldemort for an entire book. Ugh. Poor guy. And he's completely neutral in the fight (which is the only reason he's still alive, assuming he is still alive.)

So here's what I'm working on:
Finishing up my sweetheart afghan
Rabbit ears
Chevron chain choker.

I need to work on a Bat Mitzvah present.
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