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And then there were four

Yes, this is basically what I wanted. I could have stood to see the Yankees win last night and force a game 5 and then lose, but I'm okay with this. Yes, I know the Yankees are decimated (like the Angels? What's your point, caller?) and would provide an easier win (although I dispute that after I run some numbers and concepts below), but the tension between Yankees fans and Red Sox is just too annoying to deal with. I think it's a distraction. I'd rather just have a game be a game. Yes, the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry provides amusing moments, but, and this may be selfish, I haven't been sleeping well, and I would like the games to end at decent times so I can get some sleep next week.

Lets look at some numbers, shall we?

Red Sox -vs- Yankees
Date Time (hours) W/L
4/20 3:15 W
4/21 3:26 W
4/22 3:34 W
4/27 3:56 W
4/28 3:25 L
4/29 3:11 W
5/21 3:28 L
5/22 3:22 W
5/23 2:59 L
6/1 3:53 L
6/2 3:39 W
6/3 4:04 L
8/28 3:11 L
8/29 3:26 L
8/30 3:01 L
9/14 4:43 L
9/15 3:37 W
9/16 3:10 L
18 Avg time: 3.29 8/10
Min: 2:59
Max: 4:43

Red Sox -vs- Cleveland
5/28 3:15 W
5/29 2:56 W
5/30 3:34 L
7/23 3:16 W
7/24 2:53 W
7/25 2:45 L
7/27 3:15 W
7 Avg time: 3:07 5/2
Min: 2:45
Max: 3:34

Check my math, as always, but um, the longest game with Cleveland is 5 minutes longer than the average game with NY and more than an hour shorter than the longest game.

While I'm being anal-retentive anyway, and because all numbers are basically useless, this is what happened the last time Boston faced the NY and the Indians in the post-season.

Red Sox/Yankees (ALCS) - postseason 2004
Date Time (hours) W/L
10/12 3:20 L
10/13 3:15 L
10/16 4:20 L
10/17 5:02*+ W
10/18 5:49*+ W
10/19 3:35 W
10/20 3:31 W
7 Avg time: 3:47 4/3

*New record
+Extra innings

Red Sox/Indians (ALDS) - postseason 1999
Date Time (hours) W/L
10/6 2:53 L
10/7 2:47 L
10/9 3:08 W
10/10 3:49 W
10/11 3:12 W
5 Avg time: 3:10 3/2

So, roughly, I'm anticipating 20-30 minutes more sleep per night during the series.

I'm also the opinion that seeing Cleveland less during the year works to the Sox advantage. Their pitchers are mostly ones the Red Sox have faced. Brian of The Writers Radio said earlier in the year that the Red Sox pitchers would get exposed during the course of the year as the batters figured them out. Looking at the change in the Yankees/Red Sox play, I'm forced to agree with him. But if the last time they faced Cleveland was July, that's plenty of time to forget whatever they learned. On the other hand, the Red Sox have a decent handle on Cleveland pitchers, the majority of whom they've seen in years past and hit decently against.

So I think, bottom line, (sorry Tril), I'd rather play Cleveland, no matter how hot they are.
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