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All I really want is a proper cup of coffee, made in a proper copper coffee pot

We have okra. Hoppie grew okra. We don't have much okra, about 2-4 pods. So last week during the final ripening stages, hoppie said, "We have okra. What shall we make?"
"Gumbo!" cheered I.
"That's what I thought too!" he replied.
Since then we've been trying to arrange time to get the ingredients and assemble the gumbo. Yesterday I finally got into town to buy some andouille sausage (chicken and turkey), but I didn't have time to buy the additional vegetation. We ran out of onions last week and hoppie wanted some celery too and we're out of flour too. So after I came back from shopping and put everything away (provisionally), I went to Liz's only 20 minutes later. I worked on projects and admired offerings from the bead bus until I had to run off to hoppie's parents for Hoppie and Carla's birthday party.

When we got home I was exhausted because the Red Sox clearly don't read my statistical analysis and took Saturday night's game until after 1 forcing us to stay at Rocker's long enough to let Fenway clear out. (and they still lost, but we knew they would once they put Gagné in, but that's neither here nor there.) But I still resolutely got up Sunday morning at 8:30. Then there was that printer thing. Then the shopping. Then the putting away. Then The Lizzie. Then the wrapping presents. Then the party. Then the coming home from the party. Then the phone call from my mother. (Apparently she's been trying to call me all home....where's the one place I haven't been?) So I called her on her cell, and my aunt's cell, and my aunt's home phone, and my mother's cell again...then I called Daddy to make sure I had my Mom's cell number correctly, then I called mom's cell again. Then I left a message saying I was going to sleep, and she was welcome to call my cell phone.

Anyway, we were supposed to compile the gumbo last night, but both hoppie and I were pretty wiped out, so I went to sleep and he watched the rest of the football game. I was still trying to get to sleep when he came to bed. Freaking insomnia.

So, here's our schedule:
Monday: I have a massage. He will compile the gumbo, and kick off the crockpot. (and somewhere in there, we'll catch the Sox game)
Tuesday: I will turn off the crockpot and remove the insert to cool when I wake up. When he leaves for work, he will move the cool(er) crockpot inset into the fridge. Then we'll go out to dinner with the griefers.
Wednesday: Mahj Jong. (At least we can have the gumbo for dinner.)
Thursday: Bunny's Book Club
Friday: Leave for DC.

Ugh. I'm tired already.
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