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Gumbo tonight!

I kicked off the gumbo before heading off to work this morning....Gumbo tonight!

I had a horrible nightmare last night. I was reading Harry Potter and at the same time was Hermione. Harry, Ron, and Hermione had gone to a town hall style meeting to advocate for the muggles. They were in disguise, but a muggle recognized them and tried to send his son with Harry. Apparently his son had begged to be allowed to join the fight (or whatever). Harry recognized from the guys description that the son was imperioused so he made arrangements to meet him that night, figuring to set a booby trap and be far away and then they/we all went into the subway to catch a train.
But apparently the guy was better connected than Harry thought and before we even got to the turnstyles, (which were in the station aways), Everyone behind us started turning into Death Eaters, ala Matrix/Mr. Smith and then Lord Voldemort was there, and he was pushing people out of the way and for their own good, warning them to stay away. (which was strange.) Harry put on his invisibility cloak and faded into the background. I don't know where Ron went, but V went after Hermione. "You, go away. You get out of the way. You go into that room." "Girl! You stop." and then I stopped and faced him. And he tried to get into my mind to find out where Harry was. Well, one, I wasn't sure, and two, I wasn't going to think about it anyway. I started thinking simple rhymes, but that didn't work. He sorta pushed them aside. Then I tried thinking completely unrelated thoughts. Not about people, just about things. Like flowers. He got mad and did something that hurt me and that made Harry and Ron fly out at him, which was stupid. Harry should have left. Then, once he had all three of us captured, instead of killing us, he wanted to do it with a flair. So he put us in a curtained alcove. We/they faded back through the wall. Then disapparated. I stayed there. His roar of annoyance woke me up, I think. My heart was racing. I also remember thinking that I couldn't imagine how they'd get out of it, but apparently they did through the stupidity of evil.

Would I watch the World Series with Colorado/Cleveland? Well, first, it's not likely to happen. Second, yes, I think I would. At least until Colorado loses a game.

I had other things on my mind, but offhand, can't remember them.
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