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Math, science, history unravelled in a mystery

So we're watching Big Bang Theory, and my favourite character, Sheldon is whining about how every morning since he's been in the apartment he's woken up at 6:15 on Saturday and watched Dr. Who on BBC America with a bowl of cereal. But Penny is sleeping on the couch. And Hoppie turns to me and says, "Alright. I see it." (meaning, he sees the resemblance to himself...finally).

I was about say "But he's more anal than you.", but before I can, Hoppie says, "But there's two things wrong with that. They've almost certainly not have BBC America as long as they've been in that apartment, and Dr. Who isn't on at 6:15 on Saturday mornings."

And then I closed my mouth and said nothing.

Later in the episode they were trying to divide the Chinese dumplings amoung three people instead of the usual 4 and hoppie said, I would laugh at that except I have a program on my palm which calculates how many orders of pan fried ravs to order at Mary Chungs.
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