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one quiche, two quiche, scallion quiche, onion quiche

Today I am not ranting about my job and how much it sucks, instead I am making quiche for Thanksgiving.
On this Thankgiving, I am thankful for the internet, where they have recipes for things I would never actually choose to eat, like crustless quiche. The crust is the best part, and my mom-in-law has the best crust recipe. I am also thankful for hoppie, who promotes the idea of vegetable sweating, which is a pain in the tush. I am also thankful for the two days in which can relax and enjoy the pleasure of my own home. I am thankful for my mother-in-law's fabulous cooking, and my sister-in-law's tarts. I am thankful that my beautiful Cissa has her computer back. I am thankful that I have a Mollybird and a Alikat. I am thankful that I have Frank. I am also thakful for my job, which in the context of the universe, really isn't that bad. Additionally, I'm thankful for family, mine and hoppie's, and really really thankful that I got to see mine last week. I am thankful for my friends who really rock the universe and keep me balanced and as close to sane as I'll ever get. I am thankful for Rocker, who doesn't always know what to say, but is always there to say it. I'm thankful that Wayne, Scott, and Don (and sometimes Paul), and often Elaine eat lunch with me. I'm thankful that Bill makes me laugh and not cry. In fact, I'm really thankful that laughter exists in the universe and that I can tap into it. I'm thankful for my Brians (and you know who are you) for always being there for me, and to one younger-twin Brian who needs to shut up about birthdays. I'm thankful for Janice, Lori, Robin, Neffie and Tril for being strong female presences in my daily life. And for Steph, Joanie, and Cor who are quickly becoming same.
I'm thankful for onions, without which I would never have survived this long on the Curves diet. I'm thankful that the quiches are nearly complete, and I'm thankful that livejournal gives me a better place to rant than to my coworkers.
And I'm vaguely thankful that people actually read this, although I'd do it anyway.

Cheers, ya'll,
happy thanksgiving,
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