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Another pre-party anxiety dream

I was driving to a shopping center that looked like a cross between the one closest to my parents now, and the one we lived near before we moved to the house where they are now (If you know the area, Gardiner Lane shopping center and MacMahon Plaza). In the car with me was my boss and hoppie. We were supposed to get lunch, but I decided instead of panic about my hair, and find out if I could get a walk-in appointment.
They were available so I abandoned the people I was with to fend for themselves and went to get my hair cut and styled. I explained that I was preparing for a reception and my hair was going into a bun wrap and veil, so I wanted it up an prepared for that.
The hair dresser spritzed my hair to get it wet and then went off to play cards with a couple of other people in the front of the salon.
Meanwhile hoppie came in and decided to get his hair done too. They sat him down and then the woman who was working on my hair, cut one side and then proceeded to tease my hair so that it looked sorta like Alice in Dilbert, really big and curly, not in soft contiguous waves, but real "boing boing" curls (my hair will do both depending on the encouragement you give it).
Then she handed me a pic, and asked me if I like it. I took one look and was just stunned. I threw the pic at the wall and said, "Yeah, whatever."
The manager asked me what was wrong, and I went absolutely ballistic. I told him, the hairdresser had only cut one side of my hair, not the front, not the back, and not the other side. And what was the deal with walking off midway through to play cards? What she giving time for the water to soak into my head? And furthermore upon walking in, I'd made it very clear that I wanted my hair to be styled in a small tight style to go with my veil, how did that translate into the biggest hair style I'd ever sported?
I was so angry, I woke myself up.
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