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I'm thinking about getting a camera (a webcam, I guess you'd call it) for my G5. My dad's been after me for awhile to get one so we could internet chat instead of telephone. The problem is, I have no idea where to start looking for information on decent webcams. I guess I'll browse at cnet and see if anything pops up. (But if you have recommendations, I'm definitely open.)

This morning, in the shower, I was washing up and I hit an unfamiliar obstruction. I turn to look, and there's a band-aid on my right shoulder. I have no idea why. I'm annoyed. Who's been attacking me in my sleep. I look at the other band-aid on the arm, and I know where that came from. That's from a blood test. But why is there one on my arm. How does one get a bandage on her arm without being aware of it. I'm starting to get a little annoyed. I must have known it was there at some point. I review my day. Blood pressure, blood test, EKG, and then it hits me. I also had a tetnus shot yesterday. Ah. I feel a little stupid for getting mad, and I'm annoyed by the idea that alien abduction even crossed my mind for a fraction of a second. Ah, mornings.

I bought the last food mill at Bed, Bath, and Beyond yesterday. I was instructed by the kitchen gadget guy to tell my friends not to bother going there for their food mill needs. I will make the cranberry sauce either tonight after meeting with jtn, kyzoku, and the kids, or tomorrow morning, early.

My GP thinks I have tennis elbow, he recommends a brace and cutting down on the fine motor skills work (crochet he named, but I assumed he means beading and mailleing as well). Freaking tennis elbow. Go freaking figure.

Tomorrow is the last day of Provera.
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