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And you call yourself a Red Sox fan?

My husband has never heard of Dom DiMaggio.
We're watching poor Ben Rothlisberger, and they're talking about how he get unnoticed because Tom Brady is so much better than every other quarterback ever (except that he doesn't get unnoticed, but whatever), and I was thinking about Eli Manning, another decent quarterback who gets overlooked, as he isn't even the best quarterback in his family, and I said, "I've always felt sorry for Dom DiMaggio."
"Dom DiMaggio. You know. Dominic. The Red Sox guy."

Never heard of Dom DiMaggio. Guy plays 11 years for the Red Sox over a 13 year period, over 1,000 games. .298 batting average with at .419 slugging percentage. Fielding percentage in the high 900s (.970~). Played in 7 all-star games, and my husband has never heard of him. Geeze, what does a guy have to do to get some recognition around here?

You can look up his brothers' numbers if you want to compare them. Suffice it to say that Dom and his other brother Vince were slightly overshadowed by their other brother.
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