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Week 2 - No drama. Week 13 - Drama.

I have to talk about the game. I try so hard not to turn my blog into sports blathering for various reasons, but...argle. With 2 minutes to go in the game I was thinking, "I know the Patriots will win this. I just don't know how." Lots of penalties and an inadvertently well-timed timeout and ultimately, clock management. And even with all that, Baltimore stood on the two yard line as the time expired. With an extra 5 seconds on the clock, whole different game.

Last week it was Philadelphia's 3 turnovers that was the difference. This week it's penalties; the Ravens committing 13, giving up 100 yards (35 assessed against the last drive of the game which had three penalties in less than 2 plays; two for unsportsmanlike conduct at 15 yards each after the Gaffney touchdown and one for an offsides on the extra point) to the Patriots 4.

Whatever else you can say about the Patriots run, it's entertaining viewing. Much more engaging than, for example, this year's baseball playoffs (possible exception of Cleveland/Boston series).
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