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Trip highlights

I wanted to talk a bit about the trip. We ate at Brian Norman's restaurant.
Someone I used to know is not called by the name I knew him by, he's now called Miles Gordon, and he has a radio show. More than that I don't know, except his wife is very sweet.
Robin, Kevin, Hoppie, and I played music trivia and discussed Hilary's book for NANOWRIMO.
Asher is talking more. It's incredible how different he and Natty were at that age. Asher is much more explorative rather than observational in some ways, and then he's tentative in others, like he's waiting for permission to be himself. It's fascinating, really.

Oh, I have pictures, which I realize now I've uploaded to the wrong place. There. That's better.

I also "found" these pictures, unlinked, on the website. I'll have to go through and make sure the pictures are linked up correctly. Channukah 2000 Wow. There's actually two albums built into that directory. Here's the second.
Channukah party 2000.

Edit: Fixed link and date.
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