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Channukah version of Christmas meme

Someone else did this too, but don't remember who.

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Honestly, don't care. Like them both. Vaguely prefer gift bags when I'm in the "oooh, shiny" mood and wrapping paper when I'm in the "oooh, rip!" mood.
2. Real menorah or electric? Real.
3. Where do you put the menorah? Front room window, by the plants. At my parents house, they put it in the kitchen.
4. How many menorahs? Just one. I do know people who do the one per family member, but we don't.
5. Latkes or fried jelly doughnuts? Latkes. Sorry, I'm just not Israeli enough.
6. Favorite gift received as a child? The most memorable one was the pink garbage can light. Brian and I got a phone line one year, which served us well in our teens, so that was lovely. I remember some girl oriented short story books which were wonderful from my friends, the Goulds. And the suitcase from my Aunt and Uncle, and the microwave from my parents my second year at college. I still have that microwave and it still works It is our microwave.
7. Channukah decorations? No. My parents go all out and have the plates, napkins, banners, etc, but we just do the menorah.
8. Hardest person to buy for? My brother-in-law, Rich.
9. Easiest person to buy for? My Sissy. Something always comes along during the year that I think, "Yeah. That works." (She may, of course, think I suck at buying her stuff.)
10. Worst gift you ever received? A moose statue from Hoppie's uncle. It was very WTF.
11. Mail or email cards? Mail
12. Favorite Channukah Movie? The Hebrew Hammer. That movie is so stupid and so funny.
13. When do you start holiday shopping? With me, there is no stop or start.
14. Have you ever recycled a present? No.
15. Favorite holiday food? Latkes, Aunt Meredith's butter crunch
16. Oil or Candles? I would prefer oil, but hoppie doesn't trust me with it, so we do candles.
17. Favorite Channukah song? Probably "Oh Channukah" 'cause I know it in three languages.
18. Stay home or travel for Channukah? We go to my parents and to my aunt and uncle's in Lexington.
19. Can you name all of the Maccabees? no, but I can name three without thinking about it. Yochanan, Yonaton, and Eliezar.
20. Where's the Shamash? Mine's in the center of the menorah. My parents' is on the right side.
22. Most annoying thing about this time of year? the time pressure to accomplish things.

I restocked the candy bowl this afternoon. You never saw such a happy bunch of people!
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