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So this morning

I'm already not sleeping well, so I give up and get up and get ready for work. As I look out to get the paper, there's trails of white swirling around. Trick of the light think I, or maybe some light frost, until I step out of the garage. It's snow. Being blown by a heavy wind. But there's no ice, so I get the newspaper from the street where it has blown to from our driveway. I'm grouchy by the time I get back into the garage and an thinking to myself all this morning needs for a little misery completeness is a cop to pull me over.
So I get in the car and start driving off. On the main drag near our house, the snow suddenly gets much heavier and the wind stays about the same. White-out conditions. I can barely see the road. I crawl slowly greatful for the cars coming towards me because only then can I see more than 3 feet in front of the car. I try flipping up the brights, ha! The light just comes right back at me. I get on the expressway and go a comfortable 30 miles/hour. The fastest car on the road is going maybe 40. The slowest are going much slower than me. I see at least two spinouts on my drive to work. (10 minutes because I was going so slowly). I keep a nice 3 car lengths distance between me and guy in front of me, just in case Bree needs a bit more stopping room. She fishtailed a little bit, but nothing I couldn't handle by moving very slowly, keeping my distance and taking slightly wide turns.
My hope is that work is closed and I'm the only one here. That would be a blessing.
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