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And this isn't a rant

Do you wonder about people who are unconsciously brilliant. They do things that just defy logic and yet work. Two people set out to do the same task. End result should be the same, but one person fails and the other succeeds and the only difference is the way they set about doing the task. And neither realizes there was a different way to do it than the way they chose. How did one person succeed using this method. Why did the other person fail. Do they eventually notice that there were other ways?

It's like anti-gravity, or like dropping a ball down a slot in a maze and trying to get to the right slot at the bottom. There are choices and variables, and every option will eventually take you to the end, but what you'll find when you get there can be so different.

[Is there a maximum level of posts I can make in a week that don't make any sense out of context but are posted that way anyway?]
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