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Sleep poll comments

Since Cassie asked a question, I'll put the answer here, since there's no reason for her to go back and read the previous poll, so she'd miss any comments.

I had a conversation with my brother yesterday about the links between periodic insomnia and depression, but since I have chronic insomnia and have had since knee-high to a very small grasshopper, it's not exactly a leading indicator. Actually, when I'm depressed, I sleep more, or at least try to sleep more as a means of escape. I think it's a fair statement to say that runs in the family, 'cause that's what my mother, who does not have insomnia does when she's depressed.

And it occurred to me that my sleeping patterns are not like anyone else in my family at the present time. I think my dad used to have insomnia, but he's actually seemed to overcome it the last 10 years. My brother and mother have always seemed to be able to sleep while I was growing up. My mother I know still does. My brother, I think less than he used to (but as he points, now he seems to wake up earlier, but he's not compressing time, I think he goes to sleep earlier too. When I go to sleep later, I compress sleep time. I wake up at the same time. It generally takes awhile, if slightly less time then normal, to fall asleep. And so that extra time comes out of the pocket of time in which I'd actually have been asleep.

For example on a typical night: Go to sleep at 11. Takes 2 hours to fall asleep. Sleep 1-6.
On a typical Saturday: Go to sleep at 3AM. Takes about an hour, maybe a bit more to fall asleep. Sleep 4-6.

And I think this is totally normal and actual people, besides me, live like this, because I've been doing it for so long. And every so often a conversation with someone will remind me that it's a bit strange.

kailara On Row, Row, Row, your boat. I used to try to exist in every second at the same time. Imagining what it was like to be G-d. Boy, that's difficult. Trying stack the thoughts of each second on top of each other and be present in every second at once. Ouch.

Yea! Newbury Comics has a wicked good CD for hoppie.

Edit: Everytime I see that someone has picked, "THIS IS KAOS! We don't nap here!" I laugh. I hope other people got some amusement from it as well. I may walk around for the next few weeks saying, "THIS IS KAOS! We don't nap here!" in my best Sigfried voice.
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