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Why I can't work in retail: Reason #10

I'm a soft touch

A guy came into the store yesterday. He was Hispanic and preparing for 3 Kings Day. His girlfriend is Asian, this is first 3 King's Day and he wants to make it special for her. He had 24$ on him. He bought a pendant and earrings. (Earrings by Liz, Pendant by Kathy) and clasp. I used my own materials for stringing (silver-plated crimps and sterling silver Softflex eXtreme). His total: $23 and change. I did make it clear to him that I was using my own supplies to do the stringing, so I'm hoping this doesn't come back to haunt Liz later.

I never know what to do in these situations. Let me just say this. I worked for every sale that we made yesterday. I spent 40 minutes working with the other customer who came in helping her match beads, showing her where this or that thing was, answering questions. She bought 90some-odd dollars in stuff.
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