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The Tale of Clutter Monster - But here in my heart, I give you the best of my love. — LiveJournal

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January 25th, 2008

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07:31 am - The Tale of Clutter Monster
(to the tune of The Tale of Mr. Morton a Schoolhouse Rock classic)

This is the tale of Clutter Monster.
Clutter Monster is who.
He is the subject of our tale. And the predicate says what Clutter Monster must do.

Clutter Monster come to life. Clutter Monster live.
Clutter Monster smash Torg and Riff. Clutter Monster smash.
(Clutter Monster Smash!)
Clutter Monster was happy.
Clutter Monster was.
Clutter monster is the subject of the sentence.
And what the predicate says he does.

Clutter Monster wantd legal freedom,
Clutter Monster wants.
Clutter Monster stands before the court.
Clutter Monster stands.
Clutter Monster seeks Habeas Corpus.
Clutter Monster seeks.
Clutter Monster is the subject of the sentence and what predicate says he does.

The subject is the noun. That's a person, place or thing. It says who or what the sentence is about.
And the predicate is the verb, that's the action word, that lets Clutter Monster shout.

Clutter Monster has no legal standing,
Clutter Monster has.
Judge Zoe ignored his plea.
Judge Zoe tried him anyway.
Clutter Monster damned by association.
Clutter Monster damned.

The judge was mean, the jury rigged. The whole trial it was fixed.
Each sentence is completed when you know all the subject's tricks.

Clutter Monster waits for the verdict.
Clutter Monster waits.
Clutter Monster smash Torg and Riff.
Clutter Monster smash.
Clutter Monster punish bad,
But then Zoe got really mad...

Clutter Monster lost his foot.
Clutter Monster lost.
Clutter Monster hobbles away.
Clutter Monsters hobbles.
Clutter Monster was very sad.
Clutter Monster was...
Until Pete draws him a new underwear drawer,
Deux ex machina can cure this sore!

Now Clutter Monster is happy!
And Torg, Gwynn, and Riff are too!
They're the subject of my sentence.
And what the predicate says, they do!

Current Mood: energeticenergetic
Current Music: Jack Sheldon "The Tale of Mr. Morton"
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