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An update

I just talked to Maya and she's out of the hospital. They're not sure what they're doing for memorial service. Greg is going to be cremated and there may be memorial services in all the primary affected areas, his chuch here in Burlington, his parents' church in Philadelphia, and his home church in Charlottesville. The answer, we're not sure yet. Maya wants to talk to Greg's mother and get her input.

Maya's dress size is 26 W for top and bottom. And I forgot to ask for Faeryn's.

There's a paypal set up for donations and you can get more info on that from smcmullan.

I think that's everything we talked about. I did pass along regards from people who've asked me to. She said she'll try to call me later today, sometime after her phone has been recharged as she's running on low battery at the moment.
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