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Between here and there...

I've moved into a state of anger. I noticed because I had the completely irrational impulse to write to an ex of mine to point out what a jackass he was. When were dating (during the college years), he kept insisting that Greg had nefarious intentions because nobody is that nice unless they want something. And as I was a nubile 18 year old, we know what that something was.

And of course I kept explaining that Greg and I were FRIENDS. Not pre-lovers, not lovers, not even interested in each other in that way, FRIENDS. Good friends, loving friends, supportive friends, yes, but at base, platonic friends. For all the days of our lives, from the moment we met, that's what we were.

I want to tell him to judgemental attitude and shove it straight up his overly tight sphincter.

I recognize that it's irrational. I recognize the place it's coming from. I am not going to send mail. I'll just leave it here for him to find. (Oh, please, he doesn't read my blog ttbomk and if he did, he probably wouldn't recognize himself. (But you recognize him, don't you, Tril? No need for names. Just a nod will do.)

I did some shopping at lunch time at a great store with good prices, good value, good selection, good quality and DREADFUL hours. M-F 10-5:30, 'cause women who need clothing never work! Anyway that stuff is ready to be packed.

I spoke to Maya briefly earlier. She was on the way to the funeral home to make some arrangements. They were able to identify Greg from his work ID photo so the family was spared that miserable task at the very least.

That's all I know.
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