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First I found the original of this picture. I will not upload it, because Greg altered it for a reason. But just you know, I found it.

My wedding pictures. They were cleverly concealed in my CD archive, in the photo CD section, on a CD confusing labled, "Wedding CD". I must expect the worst because I never check the place something should be first. I just always assume it's not there.

And this picture of me, which hubbit was just complaining he hasn't seen in ages and misses. Who could miss that? It looks like she could cheerfully make and feed a poisoned apple to anyone.

I'll link this in properly tomorrow, but here's a picture of:

dahrocker (off in the distance), filkergem, tober, Leah, Lori lensedsqo, jtn, mrsjtn, hoppie, me, hr_macgirl, and ckd. It looks like I'm pulling on hr_macgirl's ear, but I'm not. I'm actually holding Greg's hand.
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