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Wedding pictures

This is a response to neffie's comment that she's never seen my wedding pictures, but as it's a nice rant, and one I'm likely to want to read again, I'll post it separately.

I don't think our photographer gave us the option of having the images put onto CD, or if he did, for some reason it seemed like a bad idea. I don't know if my dad rejected it before I heard it or if I never heard it, but I didn't hear that it was an option until we already had the wedding album back at which point I said I wanted to keep it, because we were leaving town shortly and I wanted to bring it with us.

Our photographer, bless his heart, cut the negatives into strips of about four pictures each. He took many, many rolls of film. I don't remember the exact number now, but between 15 and 20. All cut into individual strips. Well, it was clear pretty quickly that I was going to want them digitally. So I went to my guy. Now, he he says his hair was white when I walked in, but I'm sure there was less of it when I walked out. Some weeks later, many dollars poorer, I walked out with a stack of CDs. Each of the rolls had its own.

From there, you would think it would be a simple matter to put them online, but I was concerned about webspace and didn't feel like culling them to pick the ones that should go up, so all I did was consolidation. I put all the pictures onto my computer (don't ask which one, I actually don't know. If it was the mac, that got lost in the GREAT DISK CRASH of July 2006) and created a single CD set of the pictures, which is what I worked from last night.

At the time, I was disk space considerate, so I didn't upload the pictures because SO FREAKING MANY. I can probably go through them and post some of my favourites.
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