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I don't know how much of this I remember becuase it was first dream of the night. It managed to combine elements of everything I'd watched during the day. I was part of a team of supernaturalists. Our team security had been breeched and everyone was suspecting each other. One of our agents, the one who had no special skills except that he ran whenever things got rough. (This was before I'd seen Epic Movie, and it was based off the Boondocks episode where all Reilly can do is dribble. Can't shoot a bit. Anyway, We left HQ and were out hunting the villain when we stumbled across the pack of zombies. We fled the scene (exit! Stage left!) and ducked into a cave, which apparently was safe because Zombies don't like dark places. Out the other end of the cave was an Island of a sort, obviously, it was connected to the cave, but the cave was the only land route and it was surrounded by a lake. There we noticed that the old man of the island had been attacked with a white handled knife with the initials TM, Trey's knife. So while everyone else starts ganging up on Trey assuming he's the murder and Trey is too stunned to defend himself, I remind everyone that Zack, the now-Zombie, had Trey's knife last. Trey had loaned it to him. And that meant that our villain was using his dark magic to control Zack and get information and whatever else he wanted out of him.

Then I woke up from that dream and had these two:

I remember even less of this one. I was in a weekend LARP at a regular convention. So while most people were doing different LARP sessions during the weekend, we had one long one that lasted the entire weekend, with time off for one of the meals, but the rest were in character. It was fabulous. I don't remember what the theme was, I vaguely think victorian murder mystery, but not swearing to that.

The next dream was the post con wrap up. Rather than have wrap ups at the end of the each session, they got the whole group together in a vast auditorium, and let you ask questions of the GMs in a big group. Every attendee got two free questions, and you could purchase additional ones. As we wandered we, we walked to the tables to get our two free questions, and I was wondering what I'd ask since our RP had wrapped up so nicely. Then I realized, after getting to my seat, that I'd only gotten one ticket, it just had two parts, so I thought it was two. So I went back to get more. There was some talking going on, but I can't remember what about.

Also, in breaking news, people are frustrating.
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