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Tell me, have you got the look?

My dream was funny. I was hanging out with lain_mac and we were going about our day doing day stuff, a little work, a little running around and interacting with people, and keeping up a steady stream of conversation, none of that was particularly memorable, except that periodically through the conversation I would give her THE LOOK. The sort of death glare you give people who have conversations you don't want to have. I think it happened three times. I was surprised that she noticed the look at all, because I didn't change my tone of voice in my responses or anything else. I just had the look. I think she commented on the look all three times and changed the subject, but I only remember what she actually said that third time since it was just before I woke up.

And she said, "Don't give me that look..." and something else...okay, so I don't really remember what she said. But I remember laughing and that woke me up.

So yesterday I picked up stuff from other people to bring to VA. I think it will all fit in the suitcase I packed yesterday leaving just the one item that will need to go into a different suitcase. It's my feeling that I'll be able to bring the one large suitcase for Maya and one small weekender for me and Hop. We'll see how it goes.

I printed out my TripTik's with my directions to and fro different places diced and sliced. It doesn't account for how we get to Robin, if we get to Robin, but hopefully I'll get some more information from her. It's a long shot that we'd see her, but I try not to discount any possibilities.

Travel anxiety is starting to set in, but I'm trying to quash it under a flood of tasks to do.

Last night I was talking about my trip to the Mahj ladies and one of them said, "You have a lot of friends."
"Yes, I do. People like me." as an afterthought I added, "I'm a nice person."
We all laughed and one of them said, "Even if you do say so yourself." and we laughed some more.

What do you say to something like that? I like people, generally speaking, and I hope that most people react accordingly to that. I like to think I'm sincere in my appreciation of my friends and my desire to connect people and connect with people.

Anyway. I won one hand last night; the last hand of the night. Before that, I was either well out of it or started out with an excellent hand that went nowhere.

I have a rant on the subject of directions, but I don't have time/interest to set it down right now. I probably will at some point.
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