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From zero to insane in 60 seconds

Scott used my strongest and most favourite memory of Greg as his closing remarks in his address. I can't describe what that means to me. Honestly, I can't describe what Greg means to me. So you can some fuzzy math and figure out how much it meant to me that the legacy Greg left me touches more than just me. For those who haven't read Scott's comments, he posted them here: We missed the entire service (see previous rant about Charlottesville being X,000000000+ miles from anywhere and having road-seeking trees)

When we saw Darlene again, I realized that I'd previously been wrong. I do remember meeting her before. And after hoppie said it, I remembered where. We'd had lunch at Harvard Sq. at the Garden cafe (I think that's what it's called) right near Out of Town News. I had entirely forgotten. All the more reason to get down everything that happens in my blog, I guess. So even if I forget, I can still catch up.

When you read xkcd don't forget the alt text.

We played many, many, many rounds of "Who is that person?" during the weekend.
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