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I'd beg for some forgiveness, but begging's not my business.

I don't want to hurt on Luna, but this is so NOT Luna. 1) It's not interesting enough for Luna and 2) I could make better stuff.

Calling to schedule a "baseline ultrasound". Ick. I hate my life, today. There's no indignity or misery that can't be made worse by involving girly bits. Update: And I have an appointment at 8:45 on Sunday. They wanted me to come in Saturday. Sigh.

Do the Lowell Spinners have a policy of hiring only "J" people to work there. So far I've encountered two Jons and a Josh. You would think they would gravitate towards "S" or "L." Also, I've purchased tickets for the Stich 'n Pitch! So whatever else happens, today, it didn't totally suck.

The vultures are VERY VERY happy today. You never such happy developers in your life. Apparently I've been starving them. I'm forgiven for being out of town and behind on my restocking duties. Toblerone makes right what once went wrong.
Tags: crafts, natural process, sports, tmi, work

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