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Jumbled concepts

Lots of dreaming last night. Lots of cameos.

GEM was there, ckd, and Tril were there, Roberta, Osher, Brian, or at least Brian's room. No, I think Brian was there early on. That was the dream in which Osher and I were living at Mom and Dad's (who never made an appearance) and Roberta was coming to visit with a newly adopted kid of about 8-10, and Osher and I weren't sure how to to feel. We'd only talked to her via videophone to Israel.
In another dream, I was James Potter, and ended up working on a garbage barge. It was like this. Everyone else was sent up to the dorm, but for some reason I wasn't, so I went outside and hung out on a barge in a river until it was my turn, or something. Then the barge started moving. I think I might have been a girl before that. Then, time had shifted forward, we were working on the barge part time as loaders (and developing really strong muscles) and then someone came along interrogating us.
Greg and Tril, and Chris and I were talking about Emma, but I don't remember what.

We probably could have crashed the filk circle. We look enough like filkers that we were able to wander around the con untouched and unchallenged, but that was Saturday and we were walking around consuite and the dealer's room (looking for Ellen to help us find Maya...boy was there an idea that failed!) so maybe it won't be a forever boycott. The con looked really neat, and from what Maya and Faeryn said, it was pretty neat.

I found an earring on the steps to the basement of my house. It's very pretty, a puff silver heart moulded to look as if it's wire wrapped. I don't think I've ever seen it before. I don't know how it got on my basement steps. If anyone does know, please drop me a line and I'll return it. It's not hoppie's mistress' because Hoppie can't bring his girlfriends back here because I'm so unpredictable in my scheduling. (I'm just saying this pre-emptively. AFAIK, Hoppie's not scouting around for a second girl, he had enough trouble balancing life with the one he married...or so he'd like me to believe.)

I've got another case of the "buy me"s. Stressful couple of weeks.

Robin, the midwife, has talked me into looking up the maternal foetal practitioner I saw before and seeing if she'll either see me again and tell me what she told me before or give me a letter saying she's seen me before and I understand that getting pregnant, unlike anything else anyone has ever done before ever, is a risk. Of course, today is a holiday, so maybe it wasn't the best day for that.
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