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A bit passe

I have no idea if I'll be able to sustain if, if I'll want to, and still less if anyone will read it. On the other hand, I read other people's and they're no more interesting than I am, but they have one thing that I haven't got...a live journal.
I guess now I have one too.
So do I have to say something interesting?
I'm into the next wave of pregnancies and without begruding anyone, it's frustrating for me. And what's frustrating for me, is associatively frustrating for hoppie. Last night we barely carried on a civil conversation. We're still hashing out the benefits, who's covered by whom, what and when issues, but at least that will be over soon. So I imagine will my stint as Lysistrata. Some things just run contrary to a person's nature and repression runs against mine.
My father called last night to complain that I haven't called in awhile. Then apparently he noticed that I emailed him yesterday 'cause this morning I got an email commenting on how sweet it was that I remembered I had parents and speculating that I wouldn't know what they sounded like.
What is the sound of one hand clapping?
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