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There's 40 shillings on the drum for men who volunteer to come

Booking Through Thursday

All other things (like price and storage space) being equal, given a choice in a perfect world, would you rather have paperbacks in your library? Or hardcovers? And why?

I actually like having a mix of hard-cover and paperback. That's like asking if you'd prefer to have all your books used or new. At first blush it seems like "new" is the obvious answer, but I do like a well-seasoned and loved book. Not damaged or destroyed, but it gives me a feeling of connection, particularly in the case of hand-me down books, to connect me to the past.

I have some of my grandfather's books. They're stupid books, not even particularly heirloom, but they mean more to me because they were his. They were in his house. He read them (maybe?) I'm very sentimental about books.

Without straying too far from the original topic, I'll merely mention that Russian caviar is different than Peking duck, but I love them both. I do not discriminate against a book on the basis of cover strength. That said, I'm not exceptionally keen on the "trade paperback" profile. I like classic paperbacks or classic hardbacks. This is form with no function. Look! If we make the paperback bigger and give it a slightly different weight cover, we can double the price! Yea! However the question was "in a perfect world/all things being equal" so price dropping out of the equation, I don't find trade paperbacks as easy to read or hold as classic paperbacks or classic hardcovers. Maybe it's me that wants retraining, but I don't think trade paper is man enough to take me on.

Blah. My lunch date cancelled on me. She's sick. Boo.

I'm surprised at how much time you can waste at a site like this:

My car's "check engine" light is on. The guy at the service station told me to call him next week if it persists. He was very sweet though and assured me it's probably nothing.

Changes in other people's software are causing our integrated help system to fail. *kicks something*

Must not talk to people. I'm having to fight the urge to tell them off for stupid stuff they do every day that doesn't normally bother me. It is days like this in which I account it high time to head out to sea, before I do start kicking off hats in the streets and bringing up the rear of funeral processions.
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