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I arrived at work in the new building. They'd moved us over the weekend and we had no idea where we were. Hoppie had no trouble finding his office which was up about 10 feet beyond the shop floor/reception area, turn down the first corridor to the right, and then the turn at the first door on the left and his entire group was there. I couldn't find mine, even though there was a book there to look up by name. I couldn't find my name at all (which caused no panic, so I clearly didn't think I'd been laid off.) but I found MLH and started to write down the location information, but everytime I tried, I found the book was on the wrong page and I couldnt' find it again. And one of my old non-friends from HS was standing over me trying to figure out where we were sitting and making me feel stupid for not being able to find it, although I could find both Hoppie's office and my brother's office (he was in hardware straight back from the reception area and slightly right. Go figure.) Then I found Rich, but had the same problem making out where his office was (which I think should have been a tip off that I was dreaming, but it wasn't), and then I realized the book wasn't organized alphabetically, but was alphabetic by business unit, and I just gave up at that point. I went wandering around and finally on the left side of the building near the steps, I ran into the head of QA and he showed me where the cubes were. He took me all the way back across the main floor, then down the corridor that hoppie's office was on, through the double doors, and down and to the right, leading me outside. There was a half row of 5 cubes made of a wood facing the parking lot against the building, and then a row of cubes (both sides) stretching down further. I was in the row. Then I woke up.

So I was in my parents old synagogue on the far left side. I think I was sitting next to Elaine, certainly fairly near here. Someone on the podium (or Bimah, to give it the hebrew name), was saying something and at the end he said, "peace be with you." (a Catholic invocation. And many of the people in the congratation said, "And also with you." the traditional Catholic response. And I was very puzzled as to why there would be that many Catholics in the synagogue, and I said as much to Elaine. Then I wandered back looking for...I don't know what. And I drifted over to our usual section second from the right, and ran into Brenda, the caterer for the wedding, although, of course, much more than that, a family friend. In the dream, she was a combination of Jerry of the synagogue office manager and Brenda and she and I were discussion where we could have the class. The entire upstairs was roped off for renovation (I think that was true last time I was there, some years ago) so that was out, and she said something about how she couldn't know we were done, because there were people sitting in our usual seats (which didn't make anymore sense when I was asleep as now when I'm awake.) Anyway I went into the library to schedule a room, and they gave us the small sanctuary to meet in, and I tried to confirm with Rick (of work) and he told me how much he hated meeting there because it was too big, so I tried to find a smaller place, but the classrooms were closed, the library was the office, and all the other rooms were bigger still. Then I woke up.

Is doing fine. Thank you. The procedure went off without a problem, and she's recovering. And that should be the end of that. 8-)

I begin to understand why people are not rereading this one as much as the others, I'm more than halfway through it and good stuff hasn't really started to come through yet. The Azkaban breakout, Valentines Day, and the interview with Skeeter are just additional frustrations. On the other hand, it reinforces my feeling that I'm doing the right thing with Frank by making him gawky and awkward.

I discussed with hoppie what he was like at that age, and he said, "Gawky." Check. In further conversation, he'd probably be very much like Frank and that makes me happy. I think I might have a believably awkward 14 year old. Nothing smooth or sauve for my bright boy.

I think that's it. Thanks!
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