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Late night. Long day. Doesn't make much difference to me anyway.

Slept poorly. Woke up at 1:00 convinced it was time to get up, although I was tired. Told myself if it was earlier than 4, I was NOT getting up. It was 1:00. I couldn't believe it. I just stared at the clock for a long moment as if that would make it later. It had to be later, didn't it? Go back to sleep, you. Troublemaker.

Then at 6:45, I was woken up by two of my friend, a married couple, having a screaming fight all the way upstairs. I couldn't understand why they were carrying on so, when they knew there were people sleeping in the house. The wife came into the bedroom. (Hoppie is still sleeping, well, not sleeping, in bed. No one could sleep through that.) "Oh, you're not ready to go."
"Of course we're not ready. It's 6:45 in the morning."
"Oh. We're ready."
"I can follow you. I can be ready by 7:15."
"Oh, I'll wait. [husband] can go on without me."

Then she walked into the room, around the foot of the bed and into the connected room (dressing room? bathroom?) that doesn't actually exist. Since it's obvious at this point that it's a dream, I'll point out that this isn't taking place at my house, it's happening at my parents house. Hoppie and I are sleeping in my old bedroom. Sighing, I got up, and went to the bathroom to get ready. (The real bathroom. The one across the hall. With the noisy water taps that don't quite work.) I turn on the water and it does it usually sputtery whiny thing. At some point I woke up and realized it was actually like 4something.

I woke up a couple more times because finally giving up at 5:30ish. I feel like a zombie. A zombie with elbow pains.

I keep trying to get over my disbelief. My mind utterly rejects it. When is it going to hit 5:00 without me expecting the phone to ring?

Maybe the universe is trying to protect me from Scott's, um, remarks. I can't read them without crying. What would happen if I'd actually heard them? I'm not happy with the world right now.

I'm at my max user icon limit! Wow.
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