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The gem that shines today

I got this email today. (for those who read the previous friends-locked post, you know who it's from, but since this is public, I'd prefer not to say.

The small ruby everyone wants has fallen out on
the road.
Some think it is east of us, other west of us.

Some say, "among primitive earth rocks," others, "in the deep waters."

Kabir's instinct told him it was inside, and what it was worth,
and he wrapped it up carefully in his heart cloth.

The Kabir Book

Your friend, the GEM, will always be in your heart cloth. Now that you have shared him with me, in your own gemstone kind of way, his treasured life and the telling of your friendship, become wrapped in my heart cloth. Thank you for trusting me and honoring me with the stories and details of your life.
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