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Comics are a window on life

Today's crop of daily comics are delightful.
Amy Chilton wins best line for "When my stomach hurts, it helps me me to know that my carbon footprint is so small."

This is today's (newspaper!) edition of Diesel Sweeties wins for best word usage for their use of the word "zaftig".

Last week's Booking through Thursday which I didn't finish or post.
Booking Through Thursday

Who is your favourite female lead character?And why? (And yes, of course, you can name more than one . . . I always have trouble narrowing down these things to one name, why should I force you to?)
Alice from Alice in Wonderland. She approaches things with such a sense of wonder and openness and the world responds with incredible things. I think it's a lesson in playfulness and enjoying your own creativity.
Charlotte from Charlotte's Web The human characters were very much blah, particularly the rather irritating Fern, but Charlotte was wonderful, strong, intelligent, and resourceful.
While I'm still in children's literature, let me add Trixie Belden and Honey Wheeler to the mix. I love the Trixie Belden mysteries, but Trixie would have been too annoying by herself, without Honey's influence. Honey without Trixie would have been too bland to enjoy. The use of the ensemble cast really worked well to mitigate the annoyance factor of any single character and served to really enhance the characters which managed to feel rather real and honest.
Wanda McPhearson from Baby Blues. Ubermom extrodinaire. Step aside, Blondie, this generation is Wanda. Which isn't to say that Blondie isn't wonderful, but that strip really centers on Dagwood.
Bridgit O'Gill from the Darby O'Gill stories. Did you know Darby was married? He was married to Bridgit and they had six childer. And Bridgit is wonderful!
Tess from Tess of the D'Urbervilles She begins her adult life very poorly prepared for what's to come, but she discovered strength from within throughout the novel. She doesn't always make good decisions, but that makes her very, very human. She's a character who leave an impression.

Booking Through Thursday

You should have seen this one coming … Who is your favorite Male lead character? And why?
Well, I think everyone knows it's Robert Lovelace from Clariassa. I think I've mentioned it enough. I thought I'd done the heroine question from last week, but I don't see it. Ah, I found it and pasted it above. Lovelace is such a delicious villain and so honest. "Newelty, Jack."
Zorro from the Zorro series. Have I mentioned that I have a first edition Johnston McCulley? No? Let me tell you about it. It's not Zorro at all, and it's not nearly as good. I have a Zorro dimestore ovel and a collection of Zorro stories. They're all engaging. Who doesn't love a selfless, swashbuckling hero with a Spanish accent. I'll tell you who, the corrupt and evil people he defeats!
Long John Silver - Whether he's in a move, his own book, or his original book, Treasure Island, he's a fun and slightly dangerous dude to hang with. Cheers to you, Long John.
Edmund from the Chronicles of Narnia. My favourite character. He may have been a traitor, but he was always a pleasure. And he got some of the best lines. Although I admit to liking Professor Kirke as well.
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